PlayStation celebrates PS5 launch in Europe by lighting up Venice and changing the London Underground

European cities such as Venice or London have celebrated the launch of PS5 where PlayStation has opted for original advertising campaigns.

PlayStation 5 is here. The new generation of Sony lands in Europe with great anticipation. After seven years, PS5 gives the generational change to the successful PS4 and its arrival has been strongly felt throughout the world.

In many territories, the console was launched on the 12th, the old continent has had to wait until the 19th to be able to see the complete PS5. And now that the day has come PlayStation has celebrated it in style.

One of the Launch campaigns in Europe have been felt in the city of Venice. The Renaissance city has been illuminated with a blue light show in which the figure of PS5 has been highlighted, as the new launch of the brand.

Benvenuta PS5! | VENEZIA 2020 | PLAY HAS NO LIMITS

L’Italia gives’ il benvenuto to PS5 and the future of gaming. È tempo di festeggiare insieme alla nostra grande Community. #PlayHasNoLimits # PS5

St. Mark’s Square has always turned out to be one of the nerve centers of the Italian city and now it looks very different with the PlayStation symbology. But the city of the gondolas has not been the only one that has become beautiful for the occasion.

The London Underground, one of the most famous public transport in the world and a hallmark of the city, has also starred in an original advertising campaign for PlayStation. As many will know, the London Underground symbol is a red circle, which has come from pearls, since other stops have presented the other buttons of the PlayStation controller as a tribute to the brand.

From one iconic shape to four. We’ve given the Oxford Circus Tube signs a # PS5 upgrade. ?

– PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) November 18, 2020

As already mentioned, PS5 faces a staggered launch, since in other countries it arrived earlier and its premiere is radically different from what is seen with other consoles of the company. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has caused a lot of problems. For example, the Game website has been down due to the number of accesses to reserve PS5.