PlayStation Now in September 2020 with Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy 15

  • Among other things, Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy 15 included
  • WWE 2K19 and observation are also new

PlayStation Now goes into September with four new games.

This includes Capcom’s horror title Resident Evil 7, which you can experience even more intensely using PlayStation VR.

Also there is Square Enix’s JRPG Final Fantasy 15, in which you accompany the young Prince Noctis and his three companions Ignis, Gladiolous and Prompto on their journey and try to regain the rightful throne of Noctis.

Meanwhile, in WWE 2K19, you pummel each other with a large line-up of WWE and NXT superstars and legends, while you play an AI named SAM in the sci-fi thriller Observation and Dr. Assisted Emma Fisher in her investigation into the missing crew of a station.

In the PlayStation Store you get PlayStation Now for one year (59.99 euros), three months (24.99 euros) and one month (9.99 euros), as well as a seven-day trial version.

Alternatively, you can get PlayStation Now here on Amazon.

Final Fantasy 15 is new to PlayStation Now.