PlayStation Plus users will receive several exclusive items in Fortnite

Users of Playstation plus They are in luck, if they are also Fortnite players. Turns out that Epic Games and Sony have reached an agreement, whereby all players who are subscribed to the PlayStation payment service, will receive exclusive content for the popular game.

It is not the first time that PS Plus users receive exclusive content in Fortnite

This content pack of Playstation plus It is available since yesterday in the United States (September 12) and includes three elements: A peak, a hang glider and a wake for our character. As you can see, the design of these elements is marked by the blue and white color that has characterized PlayStation for several years. In fact, the beak has a certain shape Dualshock 4 if we put a lot of imagination into it.

For the moment and as we have anticipated, this pack is available in the United States, and it will be a matter of time before it reaches the rest of the geographical locations. As we have known this second pack of PlayStation Plus accessories In Fortnite it is a reason to celebrate the success of the Battle Royale mode on the Sony platform (and in the rest, of course), thus offering exclusive items for players.

In another vein, a few days ago Fortnite received its update 5.40 through which was added a new weapon to battle royale mode and one new skin to save the world mode. But this is not all, because the game also received some changes.

Fortnite is updated to version 5.40 and these are its changes

Also, as you know, the arrival of the Season 6 is around the corner and Fortnite’s purple cube mystery is nearing its end. What do you think this cube could be? What havoc will it wreak on the Fortnite map?

Are you looking forward to unlocking the new Fortnite PlayStation Plus pack?