PlayStation says E3 lost impact and needs to change

When PlayStation announced that it would be out of E3 2019, the news generated some strangeness and confusion on the part of players, who want to know more about the company’s titles.

While other companies, such as Microsoft, have reinforced their support for the event and confirmed their presence in this year’s edition, PlayStation will pass by and doubts remain as to why and how we will have news about the most awaited PlayStation 4 exclusives.

In the same interview where he stated that there is no interest in joining fashions, Shawn Layden, responsible for internal PlayStation studios, was asked about the absence of E3 2019 and why they made this decision.

Layden says the event has lost its impact and that he needs to quickly find a new glow.

According to him, when PlayStation joined E3, the event served to unite the company with journalists and salespeople, at a time without internet when an event like this was necessary, something that has changed drastically over the years.

We now have an event in February, called Destination PlayStation, where we bring together all vendors and third-party partners to hear the story of the year. They are discussing purchases in February. Currently, June is simply too late to discuss Christmas with vendors. “

Layden also says that the world has changed, but E3 does not and currently, we have the internet with news every day of the week, at any time, which affects journalists and has an impact on the event.

“With our decision to play fewer games – bigger games – over longer periods of time, we reached a point where June 2019 was not the time for us to have anything new to say.”

“We feel that and if we ring the bell and people come out in force, they will have an expectation, ‘oh, they are going to tell us something’.”

For Layden, it is necessary to discuss how to evolve E3 to make it more relevant, making it a video game festival for fans.

Are we making progress in conversations about how to turn E3 into something more relevant? Can E3 transition to a video game festival for fans, where we are not going to drop the new bomb? Can’t it just be a celebration of games and have presentations where game creators get close to fans?