Thanks to the virtual console of Nintendo 3DS, we return once again to Jotho and Kanto thanks to the departure of Pokémon Crystal. And it is that since the appearance of the 2nd generation almost 17 years in Europe, we have not found a game that included more than one region.

Our journey begins in Spring Town, where our neighbor, Professor Elm, orders us to order, in addition to providing us with our Pokemon initial. As in the original game, we can choose between Cyndaquil, Totodile or Chikorita.

Minutes later we can get the mythical Pokedex from the hands of Professor Oak and we headed back to the lab. But when we are coming back from doing that commission a mysterious reddish hair coach, our rival in the game, attacks the laboratory and steals a Pokémon from it.

This fact will mark the starting point of our adventure as a Pokémon trainer. Our adventure as a coach will start there, with the aim of getting the 8 medals and defeating the High Command. But the story does not end there, since in this game we can return to Kanto, to defeat their 8 leaders and finally face the former champion of the Pokémon League.

Aside from a longer story, what else does the “new” second generation bring to the game?

First of all we have to say that two new types of Pokémon have been introduced (Sinister and Steel) adding more options when selecting a Pokémon team.

New hour cycle. Now, Pokémon Crystal, has a clock and calendar, affecting the game in many ways. Either with the appearance of certain Pokémon in specific hours or special events according to the day of the week.

The PokeGear, a device in which we can do phone calls and listen to the radio among other things (Prepare to receive calls from coaches telling you how his Rattata almost won a match), among many other details.

Pokémon breeding. With the option to leave two Pokémon in the nursery, if both were compatible options they could have an egg. Thus began what would end up being the main axis for the creation of competitive teams.

Due to the above, the difference by gender of the Pokemon. In this way, more variables are added to the answer of certain attacks in fighting.

What is the difference between the Crystal Version of Pokémon Gold and Silver?

There are not many significant differences, but we have found several changes that, although they do not directly affect the gameplay, we think you have to know them.

  • To begin with, one of the most substantial changes that we have found is that we can start our adventure as a girl (Before we were forced to play as a male character).
  • At the beginning of the fighting, the Pokémon do a small animation.
  • Certain Pokémon learn different attacks as they level up, and others can learn new MT that in the other versions they couldn’t.
  • You can get to Suicune in the Bell tower carrying the Camp. Clear.
  • You will get the Rainbow Wing in the Tin Tower when you’ve captured the legendary dogs.
  • Once the game is over, you will have the Battle Tower. Where you will face several coaches with a choice of conditions.


Whether you have played it before or are new to this game, you will have a full experience with many hours of play. An adventure full of events and surprises, which to this day is still considered the best generation among many of its fans. Enjoy two entire regions, the Battle Tower and the most important… Get them all!

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