Pokemon Euskera is confirmed for 2019.

Yes, what you just read, this afternoon Game Freak and Nintendo managers have confirmed in Vitoria the new game that will deal with the Basque Country, Navarra and the French Basque Country. The game will be out in 2019 over Winter so the weather is right for the game.

According to the game files, they will have 8 medals as always, but since there are 7 provinces they have decided to put two medals in Vitoria, as it is the capital. Each of them will have different names, for example, Vitoria will be called Ciudad Almendra for its old town. They will try to do as in previous Pokemon games already discussed in SamaGame in which the gyms will be the soccer fields of the city. Other than that, there will be towns near cities like Baraka City, where you can learn Force MO.

Once the medals have been obtained, the Pokemon League will be in the current Treviño, where you will have to climb many mountains and in the end reach the League Champion, who is unknown and they have only put a txapela to simulate.

Apart from completing the Basque Pokedex, you will be able to play petanque and Basque pelota, if you beat them you will be able to fight against the pelotaris and win the “gold txapela” that you can sell because it is too big for 10,000 coins.

The new Safari route will be found in the current Vitoria, especially in the north of it (Note: The cities will be larger than normal) where you can find all kinds of Pokemon, fight (literally) against them and capture them.

We will meet different characters from previous games, for example we will see Samina on the beach in Ciudad Concha to find her family who is also in the region whose name we do not know.

Now let’s talk about the most important: Basque forms. Yes, after the Alola forms come the Basque forms, here are some examples:

-Vanilluxe Basque form: Ice-Rock Type (It has pieces of stones for the ice cream)
-Komala Basque form: Normal Type-Fight (The trunk is exchanged for a rock)
-Wailord Basque form: Water-Steel Type (It is 100 bigger than the original)
-Palossand Basque form: Earth-Fighting Type (Instead of towers like hands it has fists)
-Nihilego Basque form: Steel-Poison Type (It has more tentacles)
-Machamp Basque form: Fighting-Dragon type (Basques are the type they want)

All the Basque form Pokemon have a new ability called “Ahi va la ostia Patxi” in which for each hit they receive the Attack increases 6 points.

Finally, according to the report that they have just brought us, it says that there will be five evil teams: Team Pelipper, Team Roserade, Team Floatzel, Team Arbok and Team Lilligant.

We also know that they want to divide the game, and that we will soon know both parts of the game.