Ash Ketchum, everyone’s favorite pokemon master, turned 24 for the 24th time yesterday.

Fans know from an old Pokémon book that the protagonist, Ash ,’s birthday falls quite exactly on May 22nd, and since he began his adventure in 1997 (which enthusiastic Pokémon coaches can embark on at the age of 10), he would now be 33-34 in reality. However, the anime universe doesn’t deal with this in the least, so it became a minor joke that Ash gets his 10th birthday every year, over and over again.

The current series at least remembered that he had won the Pokémon League in Alola and arrived with a pallet of terribly strong monsters. Nevertheless, his age has not changed, and the Internet has not left him without a word.

Today, May 22nd, is Ash Ketchum’s 34th birthday. He is turning 10 years old.

– JPRPokeTrainer98 (@ JPRPT98) May 22, 2020

Happy Birthday Ash Ketchum! My childhood hero.

still 10 and forever probably will be 10 but you come a long way achieving your goals.
Keep striving up far and beyond the stars!

– Samantha / Dia (@DiamondStormed) May 22, 2020

Today (22nd May) is Ash Ketchum’s birthday. He would have been 34 …

But instead … he’s 10 😂 Happy birthday to our hero, gifting us with laughter, emotion, incredible battles & wonderful moments; aiming “to be the very best, like no one ever was” 🏆❤️ #Anipoke #AshKetchum

– Raf 🔥 #ThankYouAnipoke (@ThePokeRaf) May 22, 2020

Since I haven’t yet. I might as well wish our boy, the Alola Champion, a happy birthday … even though he’s still 10 and I just want him to at least be freaking 13 or 14 years old already. Happy birthday, Ash Ketchum! 🎂 # Anipoke

– attyMatty-Chan #ThankYouAnipoke 🛡 (@ Matthew202X) May 22, 2020

Pikachu’s buddy, Brock’s bro, Misty’s best friend, May and Dawn’s guide, Bonnie and Max’s hero, Iris’ annoying friend, Clemont and Cilan’s motivation, Serena’s sweetheart, Alola’s champion.

The boy with many faces but the same inspiration. Happy birthday, Ash Ketchum! #Anipoke

– Anipoke Fandom (@AnipokeFandom) May 22, 2020

Happy birthday, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! 🥳

If you’ve ever said “if Ash wins a Championship, I’ll eat my hat,” you can now! Ash won the Alola League, so here is Ash’s hat as a cake to celebrate! 🧢🎂 # ashketchum #pokemon #cake

– Cupcakedex (@cupcakedex) May 22, 2020

Here’s our personal favorite:

Happy Birthday to the Eternal 10 year old, Ash Ketchum. Here’s one of my favorite quotes.

– Matthew (@ ASomeoneWhoExi1) May 22, 2020

We’re curious to see the moment when someone in the anime oversight department will say “it’s time” and Ash will be turned into a guy at least 14 years old. It would be a legendary event that we probably won’t see in this life.

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