Pokémon GO: a 77-year-old Spanish man was fined for leaving home despite the blockade for Coronavirus

Of the pandemic from Coronavirus by now we know that it exists and that it is causing many victims, especially in Italy and Spain. This virus is very lethal for the elderly, so all states are clamoring to stay at home, precisely to protect the most vulnerable people.

Well, the situation in Spain is tragic, but evidently many still haven’t realized how bad it is. Among these there is a 77-year-old man who a Madrid was arrested because he had left the house to hunt for Pokémon with his mobile phone and the app Pokémon GO. Spanish officials announced a two-week national lockdown on March 14.

Residents can leave the house to go to work, medical centers, banks, supermarkets and pharmacies. On Sunday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said he wanted to extend the blockade to April 11, pending parliamentary approval. As you can see, leaving the house to hunt monsters is not one of these reasons. At this point, the municipal police of Madrid also posted the complaint made to the gentleman stating: “Hunting Pokémon, dinosaurs or any other magical creature is FORBIDDEN during the state of alarm. You have no excuses.”

Cazar #Pokemon, dinosaurios or cualquier otra criatura mágica está ?? PROHIBIDO ?? during el Estado de Alarma. No pongas excusas y #QuedateEnCasa #ResponsabilidadSocial # COVID19 pic.twitter.com/L4U2xvGpU0

– Policía Municipal de Madrid (@policiademadrid) March 23, 2020 Manage cookie settings

Even in Italy, where we record hundreds of deaths every day, we are no less: last week a 31-year-old left home despite the bans, just to play Pokémon GO.

Source: Cnet