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The Beast Ball is a galactic-looking version of the regular Pokéball designed to capture Ultra Beasts, the extra-dimensional creature found in Sun and Moon (and more recently arrived on PPokémonGo) via air holes. abnormal worms.

Players who attend the three major Pokémon Go gatherings in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo this summer will be the first to use the Beast Ball for the next six weeks. They will have first access to one of the next three Ultra Beasts that are coming.

Today is announced a host of novelties for the in-person event of this summer, which have already been confirmed the launch of Mythical Shaming in its Sky form.

Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo will have the Ultra-Beasts Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree, respectively, ahead of their global launch later this summer.

All of these events will also launch a Cowboy Hat Snorlax, and a bunch of collectible Unown Letters, also available in Shiny versions: A, B, E, L, R, S, T, and U (which spell Ultra Beast) .

The Beast Pokéballs coming to Pokémon Go now make a lot of sense. In Sun and Moon, the device was designed to better capture Ultra Beasts since regular varieties of Pokéballs no longer do the job.

The first Ultra Beast, Nihilego, debuted on Pokémon Go earlier this month as part of the game’s worldwide Go Fest weekend, which has the introduction of a new character and the absence of Professor Willow from the game. Game.

Cancrelove, Mouscoto and Câblifère, the Ultra Chimeras arrive on Pokémon Go

The Ultra-Chimeras Cancrelove, Mouscoto and Câblifère will make their debut during special events at Pokémon Go Fest in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo.

Pokémon GO locks new Ultra Beasts to in-person events Niantic has announced that Pokemon GO players will need to attend in-person events in order to encounter the debut of several new Ultra Beasts. Although Pokémon GO Festival 2022 ended in early June, Niantic has continued to hold annual festival in-person events in various cities around the world. On June 22, the mobile developer revealed that Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree would finally make their highly anticipated debuts during the Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo Festival Pokémon GO parties in July. However, players wishing to catch the Gen 7 Pokemon will not only have to attend the events in person, but they will also have to pay for Special Research in order to encounter the new Ultra Beasts.

Ultra Beasts Join Pokemon Go For Go Fest

The Pokemon Go team has announced that more Ultra Beasts will appear at Go Fests taking place in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo. Those who can’t wait to catch these Pokemon, but can’t make it to the events in person, will have to wait for their worldwide release during Go season.

Ultra Beasts, for those unfamiliar, are weird, massive Pokémon that originated in Ultra Space. In the game, they arrive through large portals in the sky. One such beast, the Nihilego jellyfish, has already appeared during the ongoing festivities. Additionally, each city will feature its own exclusive Ultra Beast during special research activities: Berlin will host the delicate beetle Pheromosa, Seattle will feature the muscular bee Buzzwole, and Sapporo will feature the electric, wire-like Pokémon Xurkitree. Festival attendees will also have access to new Beast Balls, making it easier for them to catch the special Pokémon.

Participating in the festival will also grant more in-game bonuses. At all locations, during all event times, trainers will get half the hatching distance and cosmetic bonuses such as field research, event themed stickers and confetti. Other bonuses are available during all event times in Berlin and during specific timeslots in Seattle and Sapporo. Players will also be able to complete additional special trades for less, participate in Gathering Challenges, collect more Raid Passes, and earn more mysterious components in battles with Team GO Rocket. Snorlax Cowboy Hat and Unown A, B, E, L, R, S, T, and U will also appear at Go Fest.

New festivities announced by Niantic for its next Pokémon GO Fest 2022

San Francisco, California, June 23, 2022 – Today Niantic announces new additions for its upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2022. The mysterious Ultra Beasts native to the Ultra-Dimension will join in the festivities throughout the summer. One of these Ultra-Chimeras, nihilegohas already made its first appearance during the Pokemon GO Fest and many more will appear with special bonuses like: