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Pokémon Go – Alola Forms: list of all Alola-shaped Pokémon and how to get Alola Forms in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go – Alola Forms: list of all Alola-shaped Pokémon and how to get Alola Forms in Pokémon Go

The Alola Form Pokémon are now available in PPokémon Go introducing a new type of creature to capture in the wild.

These particular forms came earlier than expected to Pokémon Go: the Alola forms, native to the Seventh Generation of the main games (Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon) were released while the game was still adding the Gen 3 Pokédex. .

Now we know how to get all the shapes, including the Alola Raichu and the Alola Marowak.

In addition, our List of Alola Forms will allow you to check the new look and the new kind of Alolan Forms, so you can see which Kanto Pokémon have Alolan forms.

On this page you will find:

How do Alola Form Pokémon work in Pokémon Go?

Alola Forms are visually and statistically different versions of other Pokémon (with different Type and properties) and first debuted in the Generation 7 Alola region.

Alolan Pokémon appear as Forms, similar to other creatures with multiple Forms such as Castform.

Although they do not occupy a new Pokédex entry, they do have their own space within that entry. It is the same way that Shiny or Variocolor work.

Like Castform, these Alolan Forms will appear as silhouettes on your radar to help you find them.

Since they are Shapes, the good news is that they share the same Candy type as the Pokémon they are based on. If you have a lot of Grimer Candies and you get an Alolan Grimer, you can evolve it into Alolan Muk.

Also, to date, all Alolan Pokémon can be Shiny or Variocolor.

How to get all Alola Form Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Alolan Pokémon have been released in a multitude of ways, rather than just a luck-based encounter like the Shiny or Variocolor Pokémon:

March has arrived in Pokémon Go along with the Season of Legends! Here we have the new Field Research, Community Day; the classic Hours of Featured Pokémon and the start of Season 7 of the Go Fighting League. Also, the monthly Team Go Rocket missions with How Higher Do They Fly ?? that will allow you to obtain ‘StrangeRed Eggs. Check out the changes to the Pokémon lineup of Leaders Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra plus Giovanni!

Here’s everything you need to know about Go Beyond, including the arrival of the Gen 6 Pokémon from the Kalos region (X and Y), the level cap increase to 50, Legacy Challenge 40, the new Candy XL, and the Deerling and Sawsbuck Forms.

List of Alola-shaped Pokémon in Pokémon Go: which Pokémon are Alola-shaped?

There are a few original Pokémon from the Kanto region of the First Generation that have special Alolan forms. Here’s a list of all the new Pokémon, including their new type and maximum CP based on the Pokémon Go CP calculator (thanks to Silph Road for filling in the CP gaps).

Do not. Pokemon Illustration Kind Max PC Base HP To base Def base
19 Rattata Sinister / Normal 588 60 103 70
twenty Raticate Sinister / Normal 1587 150 135 159
26 Raichu Electrical / Psychic 2143 120 201 172
27 Sandshrew Ice / Steel 1219 100 125 154
28 Sandslash Ice / Steel 2366 150 177 221
37 Vulpix Ice 774 76 96 122
38 Ninetales Ice 2184 146 170 207
fifty Diglett Earth / Steel 463 twenty 108 89
51 Dugtrio Earth / Steel 1587 70 201 148
52 Meowth Sinister 679 80 99 81
53 Persian Sinister 1614 130 158 139
74 Geodude Rock / Electric 1193 80 132 163
75 Graveler Rock / Electric 1815 110 164 196
76 Golem Rock / Electric 2916 160 211 229
88 Grimer Poison / Sinister 1269 160 135 90
89 Muk Poison / Sinister 2709 210 190 184
103 Exeggutor Plant / Dragon 2881 190 230 158
105 Marowak Fire / Ghost 1691 120 144 200

Remember, all Alolan Pokémon can be found in Shiny or Variocolor versions, so good luck!