Pokémon Go – Birthday Pikachu Event – Start date and everything you need to know about Summer Pikachu

THE Pokémon Go birthday event marks the second year since the arrival of Niantic’s augmented reality adventure game and offers a new Birthday Pikachu to celebrate.

In addition to a Pikachu Form that you can find, there are also additional cosmetic items that you can buy for your trainer.

In addition to the Pikachu Surfer and Pikachu Pai Natal previously made available, this is a limited time appearance that will not be available forever. Here are the details about the Anniversary event start date and other information you can count on.

Pokémon Go birthday event – when does it start?

The Pokémon Go Anniversary event – which offers a new summer form of Pikachu – was scheduled to celebrate the game’s second anniversary, on July 6th.

However, like any good celebration, it goes far beyond this day.

The Pokémon Go anniversary event lasts from Friday, July 6th, at 9:00 am (Portuguese time) until Tuesday, July 31st, at 9:00 am – practically, the entire month.

What can you do at the Pokémon Go birthday event?

You can read below everything that will happen during this anniversary event:

  • Increase in Pikachu and Pichu spawn
  • Each will be a new form of Birthday for the Summer, wearing a hat and sunglasses, including a rare Shiny version
  • New Pikachu Fan Avatar items for sale, including T-Shirt and Pikachu ears, some of which require a Pikachu Fan medal in order to be purchased

It is not yet confirmed if:

  • If each capture of a Birthday Pikachu gives you three times more Stardust (300 Stardust compared to 100), as in previous events
  • If Birthday Pikachu has a new attack, like Present

How to get a golden Pikachu during the anniversary event

Pikachu is one of the few creatures available as a Pokémon Shiny, changing its yellowish color to golden, and that also includes its hat forms.

Our article on shiny Pokémon explains some nuances of these very elusive creatures and, it seems, will be as rare as any other Pokémon in the game.

Despite the spawns added by Pikachus during the event, it should be a little easier to find than a wild shiny Pikachu.

Even more elusive is the shiny Pichu with the summer hat. This will force you to hatch a series of eggs, assuming that this is the only way to find them. But taking into account that we have the whole month of July to discover, you may have more chances than in previous Pikachu events.

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What else do you need to know about Pikachu from the Pokémon Go Birthday event?

  • Pikachu will keep his glasses and hat when he evolves into Raichu, so for those who like to complete the game to the fullest, we suggest that you have two Pikachus with the party hat – one to keep, one to evolve. The same applies to shiny versions.
  • In previous events, the Pikachu nests will offer the hat version, as previously confirmed by Reddit users, if you want to grow Candy for a Raichu or increase your chances of getting a Shiny.
  • Ditto will not become a Hat Pikachu. Confirmed by a diligent Reddit user, this suggests that if you use a Ditto to attack a gym run by a Hat Pikachu, you will just become a standard Pikachu.
  • The move to Pikachu will be cosmetic. All stats will remain the same and will require the same amount of Candy to evolve and do Power Up. It is purely cosmetic!

Even if you are unable to capture a shiny Hat Pikachu, there is a high probability that future events will also have Shiny versions – so you always have the chance to catch one!