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Pokémon Go Cheat – Trainer and Arena Powerleveln: 1.5 million XP per day with Bubblestrat exploit

Pokémon Go Cheat – Trainer and Arena Powerleveln: 1.5 million XP per day with Bubblestrat exploit

The colleagues of the English-language site GamePress have devised a method – called Bubblestrat – with which it is possible to collect around 1.5 million experience points in 24 hours without using any EP-increasing items. In other words: with enough lucky eggs, the amount can be increased even further. In addition, you can use the trick to bring your arena to level 10 in ten minutes and make it virtually impossible to take the arena as long as you are actively training – no matter how strong the attacker is.

The secret of the trick is based on an exploit in which the long animation time of the “Blubber” attack is used to defeat the Pokémon bePokémone attack is complete. This requires a Digda with very special values, the right level, appropriate IVs and skills, which can defeat a Krabby, Seeper or Quapsel twice as strong. Of course, the victim Pokémon must also have the right values.

So you can already imagine that the preparations involve some effort. But for this you get 1,000 prestige points for your arena and 100 experience points for your trainer level for each victim you defeat, with victory being achieved after just a few seconds. You can also imagine that Niantic will soon put a stop to this exploit. It works like this:

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Pokémon Go – Trainer and Arena Powerleveln: Preparation

1. First you need the attack Pokémon. For this purpose, catch a Digda with level 1 (all level 1 Digda have 10 competition points, which is what matters).

2. Levels the Digda once using the power-up.

3. Next you need a level 1 victim Pokémon that has the “Bubbler” ability. There are three potential candidates: Seeper, Krabby or Quapsel. The order of the Pokémon also corresponds to the ranking you prefer for this task, as the probability of the correct IV values ​​is the highest.

4. Level your Seeper, Krabby or Quapsel once using the power-up. Here, too, it is important that your “punching bag” has the right values:

So much for the preparations. The only way to know if your Pokémon really have the right stats is to test them out in the arena.

Pokémon Go – Trainer and Arena Power Levels: Test and Execution

1. When you have the Pokémon you need, the next thing you need is an arena. You can either take over an enemy or level your own / that of a team member so that your victim Pokémon can be accommodated.

2. Attack your victim with your Digda.
What is important here is tapping the touchscreen as quickly as possible so that the Digda can execute as many attacks as quickly as possible. Remember: With Seeper and Krabby you use scratches, with Quapsel you use clay shot. If the IV values ​​of your Pokémon are correct, your punching bag suffers 5 points of damage from scratches or 4 points from a clay shot and kneels in a few seconds.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you drop.
For every victory you get 1,000 prestige points for your arena as well as 100 experience points because you have defeated a defending Pokémon with a WP value that is half or less.

Already on your own, you can use this method to powerlevel your arena and gain a lot of experience points. However, this is no comparison to when you gather nine friends who all equip a level 10 arena with a sacrificial Pokémon. Together you can then clear all ten defenders with your Digdas in about 100 to 110 seconds, which gives you 1,000 experience points.

If you extrapolate the whole, you can farm 32,700 experience points – with Glücksei 65,000 XP – per hour. In 24 hours that would be around 1.5 million experience points – double that with Glücksei. Provided, of course, that after an hour you are not fed up with repeating the same moves over and over again.

By the way: In the meantime, resourceful players have found other Pokemon combinations with which this trick works.