With the latest update of Pokemon go, a series of codes were added that could give us clues of what will come in the future.

The story could come to Niantic’s popular augmented reality game

The DataMinders of The Silph Road have found a lot of cool features inside. They have not yet been confirmed by Niantic, but everything seems to indicate that there could be the possibility of performing missions. There are a series of codes that indicate this: “STORY_QUEST” and “CHALLENGE_QUEST”.

These possibilities point to a history mode, although the missions that we will carry out will have to be in multiple steps to be completed.

On the other hand, it also points out that the famous Professor Willow it could be related to that possible story mode. The missions could be from catching some type of Pokémon or visiting Poképaradas.

At the moment everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it would be a great twist to the game for mobile devices.

What do you think of the Pokémon Go story mode? Would it encourage you to continue playing with a story mode?

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