Pokémon Go gets a new AR mode for snapshots

Soon you will be able to take snapshots with all of your Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

What is currently already possible when catching, will soon also work independently of it.

Said AR feature is called “Go Snapshot” and can be used with any Pokémon that is in your box.

“Select a Pokémon and tap the screen to throw its Poké Ball,” it says. “Once the Pokémon is in the desired position, you can move the camera until you have found the optimal angle. Is the Pokémon distracted or is it looking in the wrong direction? Swipe over the Pokémon to get its attention, so that it looks at you again. “

Thanks to Niantic’s augmented reality platform, the smartphone interprets the world in real time via the camera.

You can take any number of photos, which the game automatically saves on your device.

Then share them on social networks or with friends.

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