Pokémon GO gets option to buy Poké Balls for 1 coin

Image: Niantic

This month, Niantic announced some measures so that players could stay home during the quarantine period without completely disconnecting from Pokémon GO. One is to extend the use of incense for an hour, which has become a hand in the wheel for many. However, the stock of Poké Balls could not be refilled without much expense or without leaving the house, something that has been adjusted recently.

Since last Monday (23), players have found a special coin pack containing 100 Poké Balls in the store. That way the trainers are able to continue with their catches, and it was also said that the contents of this pack will change weekly.

Additional bonuses

In addition, the producer also reported that the first capture will start to yield three times more Star Dust and experience, in addition to increasing to 30 and 20 the number of gifts that can be opened per day and kept in the inventory, respectively.

Finally, the five-star Raids with Lugia, which would start today (24), have been canceled, and it is now possible to battle distant friends at lower levels (from Great Friendship – two hearts) until May 1, and until April 13, you won’t have to walk to join the Pokémon GO League.