Pokémon Go now has Team Rocket in hot air balloons

In Pokémon Go Team Go Rocket hot air balloons are popping up as of today.

Niantic had been teasing for some time that Team Go Rocket’s balloons will take on greater meaning in the game, but now the time has come. The balloons offer players a new way to fight against Team Rocket. That way you no longer have to look for PokéStops that have been taken by Team Go Rocket.

If you have the Rocket Radar, you can fight the Team Rocket Leaders faster. Or even the big boss Giovanni if ​​you have a Super Radar, and that without having to compete with his doubles.

Currently, the hot air balloons are not that common, but there is a new event coming soon in which the Team Rocket balloons will be prominently featured.

The hot air balloons are not only a clever solution for these times of corona, it’s also a fun nod to Team Rocket’s hot air balloon from the Pokémon animation series. Last summer, Niantic flew a real hot air balloon over the audience during Go Fest 2019 to announce the arrival of Team Rocket.

Below you can see what the Team Go Rocket balloons look like in the game:

RayRay giving no damn to Team Go Rocket’s Balloons! from r / TheSilphRoad Manage cookie settings