Pokémon GO: Pikachu with party hat – when the special Pikachu will appear to celebrate Pokémon day

As if February wasn’t already quite an exciting month for Pokémon GO fans, we can expect the Special Pikachu with party hat to celebrate Pokémon Day on February 27.

This new variant of Pikachu comes a couple of months after Pikachu in Santa’s hat, and just like the promotional Surfing Pikachu that appeared in the main games, it won’t be around forever. Here are the details of when it will start to appear, and other things we can expect.

Pikachu with a party hat in Pokémon GO – when does it start?

The Pikachu with the party hat will appear to celebrate Pokémon Day on February 27, but as with any good birthday, the celebrations are going to extend a bit longer.

We can expect to see this special Pikachu from next February 26 at 10pm until March 6 at 10pm local time.

Although the Pikachu with a Santa Claus hat also extended its appearance a bit, we recommend that you get this as soon as you can.

What do we know about Pikachu with a party hat in Pokémon GO?

Beyond the dates that you mentioned above and the fact that all the wild Pikachu will appear wearing the hat, Niantic has not offered more details. However, taking into account that the party hat will work in the same way as the Santa Claus hat that was in December, we can assume the following:

  • If it’s like last time, the party hat Pikachu will appear more frequently than normal Pikachu throughout the event. Niantic said at the time that the Pikachu with a Santa Claus hat would appear “in large numbers”, and we can assume that this time the same will happen.

This was the Pikachu with a Santa Claus hat that appeared in December.

  • Pikachu will keep the hat when it evolves into Raichu, so for those who want to complete it all, we recommend having two Pikachu with hat – one to store, and one to evolve.
  • Ditto will not transform into the Pikachu with a hat. As confirmed by one Reddit user, that means that if you use Ditto to attack a gym guarded by a Pikachu with a hat, it will only transform into a normal Pikachu.
  • The change will be only cosmetic. All stats will remain the same, and the same amount of Candy will be required to evolve. It’s only aesthetic!

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That’s all we know about Pikachu in a party hat. The event comes days after Valentine’s Day and the huge update with Johto’s second-generation Pokémon, so there’s content to keep us entertained for a few more weeks.