Pokémon GO: Pikachu with Santa’s hat – how and where to catch the special Pikachu this Christmas

Pokémon GO has been updated to add new Pokémon this December, but it has also included a Pikachu with a Santa Claus hat. Yes, it seems that Pikachu loves Christmas.

The Pikachu with Santa’s hat, also known as Holiday Pikachu or Christmas Pikachu, is available now, but like other promotional Pokémon, not for long. Here we will explain how to catch Pikachu with Santa’s hat, where to find it and if it keeps that cute little hat once it evolves.

Pikachu with Santa Claus hat – where to find it, how to catch it and until when is it available

The special Pikachu with Santa Claus hat will be available until December 29. It is not known at the moment if the hat will continue to appear after the event, but since Niantic qualifies this Pokémon as a “special edition”, it seems that it could be permanent, as a kind of collectible.

Other important things to know:

  • Pikachu does keep the hat when it evolves into Raichu – has been confirmed by Reddit user cuincyboy, so we can also get a Christmas Raichu.
  • Pikachu with a Santa Claus hat will appear in the Pikachu nests – as confirmed by Reddit user CharlieWild, so you can get plenty of Christmas Pikachu if you find a nest and act fast.
  • Ditto won’t transform into Pikachu with Santa’s hat – as another Reddit user has confirmed again, this time Darkwolfie117. That means if you use Ditto to attack a gym with a Christmas Pikachu, it will only transform into a standard Pikachu.
  • The Christmas Pikachu appears more frequently now – During the duration of this event, the Christmas Pikachu will appear more times, according to Niantic. We have found it near Poképaradas where we had never seen a Pikachu, a couple of hours after opening the application.
  • Statistics remain the same – It costs the same amount of candy to evolve the Christmas Pikachu, and it has the same stats as a standard Pikachu. The hat is only an ornament!

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