Pokémon Go: PvP is live – now contests Trainer battles

During the night, Niantic activated the new PvP system for Pokémon Go.

In order to take part in the battles, your character must have reached at least level 10.

Then you have the opportunity to challenge other trainers to battles. You usually have to be around to do this. Hyperfriends and best friends can also fight from a distance.

You choose one of three different leagues in which you want to fight. These determine the maximum number of competition points that the participating Pokémon can have.

Of course you only fight against other coaches who select the same league. Then it’s about using your skills and attacks in a tactical way.

The battles take place in real time, with you attacking with instant and loading attacks. It is also possible to teach your Pokémon an additional charge attack. You also have a limited option to use a shield.

You can find the details of the coaching fights on the page Pokémon Go: Trainer Battles – All about the new PvP mode.

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Danger! Level 10 will remain the minimum level for access to this feature. For Trainers level 10 and below, we recommend continuing to catch Pokémon and explore the world of Pokémon GO. There is no doubt that you will soon reach level 10! pic.twitter.com/dxFojaCl1c

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