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Pokémon Go: Team Rocket Event – All tasks solved and what new Crypto-Pokémon there are

Pokémon Go: Team Rocket Event – All tasks solved and what new Crypto-Pokémon there are

Team Rocket crowd in Pokémon Go In the course of a new event the focus is again and it is up to you once again to push back the minions!

What you need to know about the Team Rocket Event in Pokémon Go:

When does the Team Rocket Event take place in Pokémon Go?

The Team Rocket Event is the first new Pokémon Go event in February and it takes place from Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 10 a.m. to Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 8 p.m. instead of.

As expected, it’s all about Team Rocket. You can read below what exactly to expect.

Which Pokémon appear more often at the Team Rocket Event in Pokémon Go?

As part of the Team Rocket event, Team Go Rocket brings new Crypto Pokémon into battle. It refers to Quiekel, Nasgnet, Stollunior, Seemops, Liliep and Anorith. They stay in the game even after the event.

If you defeat a Team Go Rocket boss during the event, you can get one Stickers for gifts to get.

Meanwhile, diving Golbat, Smogon, Ariados, Baldorfish, Sniebel, Hunduster, Blanas, Skunkapuh, Pionskora and Toxiped more often in the wild on and from strange eggs (12km eggs) hatch during and after the event Baldorfish, Larvitar, Krebscorps, Absol, Pionskora, Ganovil, Zurrokex, Gladiantri, Skallyk and Kapuno.

Dive in Raid Battles at the Team Rocket Event Alola-Mauzi, Alola-Sleima, Skorgla, Sniebel, Sheinux and Klikk on, in level 3 raids Nidoqueen, Ariados, Nachtara, Despotar and Absol and in level 5 raids you will encounter Raikou and Suicune.

In mega raids you have to deal with mega-bisaflor, mega-ampharos and mega-dog-monsters.

Team Go Rocket is also taking over more Pokéstops and balloons are also appearing more frequently. Cliff, Sierra and Arlo also confront you with new Crypto Pokémon in battle.

Anyone who would like to hatch something will benefit from one the distance for hatching eggs reduced by half.

How do I solve the tasks during the Team Rocket Event in Pokémon Go?

There’s also brand new, limited-time research for the Team Rocket event. So you solve it:

Team Go Rocket Celebration (1/2)

Team Go Rocket Celebration (2/2)

In addition, the temporary research that started during the previous Johto event is still active, if you have not yet completed it. Which is good, because the respective tasks focus on Team Rocket.

Here are the quest steps again:

Johto celebration event (1/2)

Johto celebration event (2/2)

Exclusive field research during the Team Rocket event

Team Rocket is up to something.

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