Pokémon Go: that’s what October has to offer in terms of events!

  • Several events take place in Pokémon Go in October
  • Including, of course, the Halloween event
  • You can also expect new raid bosses and other Pokémon

There are only a few days left until the beginning of October and then one or the other new event is on the program in Pokémon Go, which Niantic now offers a small preview.

For example, the new research breakthrough from October 1st marks the beginning. Alola-Raichu then disappears and Ninjatom takes his place.

It then continues with several new raid bosses, starting with Zapdos this week. This is followed by Lavados and Giratina in their original form. Niantic also promises a “special raid boss” that you will challenge during the Halloween event.

As for the limelight hours, October will continue with Pikachu (world travel cap), Pikachu (original cap), Shuppet and Zwirrlicht.

Meanwhile, Alolan Meowth is at the center of limited research on October 10th. Exclusive field research tasks await you here, during which you will also encounter Meowths from the Kanto and Galar regions.

October naturally brings with it a Halloween event.

The fashion event, which arises from a cooperation with Longchamp, starts at the beginning of October and brings you several disguised Pokémon has already been announced.

And then of course the traditional Halloween event will follow later in October.

“For Halloween you can expect new avatar items, a Halloween Cup in the fourth season of the Go Battle League and the annual Halloween event,” it says. “You can also look forward to events to mark the Niantic anniversary and the change of seasons. Stay tuned for more information to come!”

The mega buddy challenge is currently running in the game, in which you can catch a dazzling duo, among other things.