Pokémon Go: This is how Niantic reacts to the mega criticism

  • More mega-energy as a reward for raids
  • Energy costs for further developments reduced
  • Further measures are in progress

There have recently been mega developments in Pokémon Go, although their implementation in the first step was not really mega.

Niantic has now taken initial action and is responding to player feedback.

This includes that you will now receive more mega energy as a reward in mega raids.

In addition, the Mega Energy costs for further Mega Evolutions of a Pokémon after the first have been reduced.

We have added the current numbers to our guide to the mega developments in Pokémon Go.

In addition, further simplifications are in the works:

  • The ability to earn mega-energy while out with your buddy
  • More ways to gain mega-energy through field research and other activities
  • Bonus candy for catching Pokémon that are of the same type as your Mega Evolving Pokémon

The company recently announced that it would discontinue support for older cell phones, and the Mega Raid challenge is still ongoing.

Niantic is making adjustments.