Pokémon Go throws out two raid levels!

  • Level 2 and 4 raids will be eliminated
  • Pokémon are split into different tiers
  • Rewards are adjusted

Niantic is changing the raids in Pokémon Go in advance of the introduction of the mega developments.

It is the biggest adjustment to the raid system since its introduction in 2017 and two levels of difficulty are completely eliminated.

Two- and four-star raids will be canceled, the raid bosses of these levels will be divided into one- and three-star raids.

All these raids can now be mastered alone, previously an additional player was usually required at level four. At the same time, Niantic is also adjusting the rewards for the one and three star raids.

So there will be a total of four levels with different requirements in the future. You can easily manage pink eggs on your own, yellow eggs are a little more demanding and you need several people for legendary or mega eggs.

Today Niantic also announced an extensive event program for September, while more Pokémon have been spawning worldwide since this week.

– Rewards for one-star raids and three-star raids are increased to what two-star and four-star raids awarded, respectively.
We’ll be releasing a more detailed update on these changes soon. Thank you!

– Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) August 27, 2020 Manage cookie settings