Pokémon GO update 1.1.0 removes various trackers

Pokémon GO was updated to version 1.1.0 on July 30. With that update, the following changes have been made:

  • Trainers can now re-edit their avatar
  • Pokémon battles are better balanced
  • Various animations and graphics have been edited
  • Bugs when catching Pokémon have been fixed
  • The user interface has been updated
  • The text size has been adjusted
  • Memory problems have improved
  • The footprints of Pokémon in your immediate vicinity have been removed

In addition to these technical changes, several locations now contain different Pokémon. Also, the iOS version of the game no longer has a battery saving mode.

Developer Niantic has also made it clear with this update that trackers are no longer accepted. These tracking apps and websites make it easier to track Pokémon. Various trackers have been removed. Read all Pokémon GO tips for beginners and experts here.

Written by Dave Rapmund.