Trainers, take your monsters to the big Pokémon GO community meeting that takes place this Sunday (19th) in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro! The first safari zone in Latin America took place in Porto Alegre (RS) in January and brought together more than 20 thousand people. Now, fans from SP and RJ will be able to join the collective spirit.

The occasion has a name: Community Day Plus. It is basically an action of meeting the community, with aim of surprisingly organizing special activities in parks where players get together to play on Community Day.

There will be an area dedicated to Pokémon trading, with murals on which people can place the little monsters they are wanting or offering. Also, as it could not be otherwise, three areas will be offered for PVP Battles (for different leagues) with mini-championships, distributing exclusive prizes.

In addition, good initiatives will not be missing: the action has a partnership with NGO Delivery By SP to receive personal hygiene items. All donors will receive a raffle password for a GO Plus.


In São Paulo, the action takes place in Youth Park, Carandiru subway. The choice of this park is also related to the mission of social impact: the objective is to revitalize the spaces, taking people to move the park and occupy the São Paulo public space.

The activities start at 13h (exchange area, PVP). Community Day in-game will be from 3pm to 6pm. During this period, there will be a drawing of GO Plus, distribution of gifts and official materials. The NGO EntregaPorSP is on instagram @Entregaporsp.

Influencers present: Direto da Cozinha (30k subscribers), Andys BR (20k subscribers), Parque da Juventude community.

In Rio de Janeiro, the action will take place at Quinta da Boa Vista, the park that housed the National Museum, at the same times. The supporting NGO is the Red Cross. Influencers present: Zumbell Games, Wilsin Games, Rio das Pedras Communities, Tijuca, Madureira, Leblon, São Cristóvão, Centro and more

Special Pokémon: Torchic!