The Pokémon Company International launched today Pokémon Kids: Winter Festival, a website for the younger Coaches and Coaches. From December 1 2020 14:00 (UTC) until January 3 Starting at 23:59 (UTC) in 2021, aspiring Pokémon Trainer will have access to a host of mini-games and activities for mobile devices, tablets and computers with a browser, where they can put their knowledge of Pokémon to the test.

The main objective is to achieve Frambu Berries. When players collect a certain amount of berries in one of the games, they will get a bag of badges as a prize. In it you can find Pokémon badges for your collection. There are more than 890! Additionally, the Frambu Berries you collect will be added to your team’s each day to advance together in the team race. The first team to cross one of the race goals will win an item.

You can also earn Frambu Berries and Pokémon Badges with the Daily Prize Wheel or Special Daily Prizes after completing Team Race objectives. They can even earn Legendary Pokémon badges thanks to Legendary Bags and Pokémon Unique Badges by completing daily rare missions.

Pokémon Kids Mini Games and Activities: Winter Festival

Combat Finish

Players will have to point with the mouse or finger so that their Pokémon will shoot out onto the pitch and take out as many enemies as it can before it runs out of energy. But you have to be careful! The rest of the Pokémon will also try to kick the player’s Pokémon.


In this fast-paced matchmaking game, players will have 60 seconds to put their Pokémon knowledge to the test. They will have to match the cards as fast as possible to get the best score. The game has four difficulty modes: match cards with the same Pokémon, match each Pokémon with one of its evolutions, match each Pokémon with a card that shows its type, and match each Pokémon with a card that shows a type to which it is. weak.

Obstacle race

Players will have to help their Pokémon get as far as possible, being very careful not to fall or bump into too many obstacles. When crossing a finish line, the Pokémon will automatically switch, recover its HP, and the player will earn Frambu Berries.

To the hole!

A group of Diglett are wreaking havoc and threatening to break up the ice sheet that forms the landscape! Players will have to get rid of them by touching them as fast as they can. Dugtrio could make a stellar appearance in the bonus round!


In this minigame, the players will have to help the Pokémon to cross the river safely by making them jump on their raft with the help of the mouse or their fingers. At the same time, they won’t be able to lose sight of Jigglypuff, as he will try to get his Pokémon to fry. And they will waste precious time waiting for you to wake up!

Create Winter Landscapes

In this little corner of Pokémon Kids: Winter Festival, Trainers will have the opportunity to unleash all their creativity and get down to work to create a winter scene full of Pokémon. There is a huge range of characters, backgrounds and objects available with which to create fun and perfect scenes for this season.

You can see more information in this LINK.

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