Pokémon Magikarp Jump: Tips – Level Up Fast, Unlock Pikachu, and More

Magikarp Jump is the new Pokémon, at least a little. In the free game for iOS and Android you only have one Pokémon, the Magikarp, but it can also develop well if you know how to feed and train it and then send it into the league. Here in the guide we show you important tips about Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and how you can get the most out of the game.

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In general, Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is only available for smartphones. If you have an Android device, then open the Google Play Store and enter “Pokemon Magikarp” in the search mask, and you will find the entry. With enough free space (the game needs about 60MB) you can download it and start it right away. If you have an Apple device with an iOS operating system, go to the iTunes app store and look for the entry for Magikarp Jump.


After you have started a new game, the mayor of Karpstadt greets you. You don’t have your own Magikarp yet, so the man gives you an old fishing rod that you can use to pull one out of the water. Your first own Magikarp, what a joy. You can change his name later in the “Breeder” menu when you scroll down to the bottom and click on “Change”.

The little fish is still on rank 1, so very weak, and urgently needs further development. The KP value indicates the jumping power of the Magikarp and thus how high it is able to jump.

Feed Magikarp

What now follows is the first feeding of the little sea creature. He swims in a pool of water next to numerous chunks of food. Tap this with your finger and, if you want, in his direction and he will plaster it. This increases its jumping power or the value of KP, which you can read off at the top of the screen. OK then! Keep feeding Magikarp until it has consumed all the chunks of food in the tank. It then has a bounce of 60.

Once you have finished the introduction, you will always come back to this pool. Wait a moment and there will always be new pieces of food that you can use to feed Magikarp. And should. His jumping power increases so considerably and apart from time, such actions cost absolutely nothing. In addition, it is constantly growing, from which you can read the progress to a certain extent. If you reach higher levels, Pokeballs swim in the water again and again – these reward you with coins, among other things, which you can spend in the town’s shop.


Then tap the “Training” button below and invest the three available training points. The game then randomly selects a training discipline in which Magikarp is worthwhile. This increases his HP and Magikarp should achieve his first level increase, which also gives him more jumping power. This is the first step. Whenever your training points have reached their maximum (to be seen when you click on “Training” in the main menu), there is no reason to wait: remove the points and improve your Magikarp with them. You will receive new training points over time or if your breeder rank increases.


After the first part of the training, you are ready for the league. Your Magikarp fights with others for the highest jump. Click on “Duel No. 1” and the round starts. What you have to do now is to click on “Spring Magikarp”, which the little sea creature promptly does. He’ll win this first round, but that isn’t always the case. In the results screen you can see how high he jumped and how many CP he earned for his victory. In addition, your breeder receives experience points to gradually advance. In addition, there is a general reward in the form of coins that improve your cash register.

The mayor will then give you a few tips on how to play the game, on the friend and flot league, which is mainly intended for beginners. The ideal place to gain your first experience. Then you have finished the introduction and receive 100 diamonds as well as 5x training potions and 2x league spray.

The Friends League is the first place where you can let off steam. The duels are still very easy to win here and you shouldn’t have any problems emerging as the high jump king. This not only gives you coins and diamonds as well as experience for your breeder. Have you completed the friends league, you get Pikachu. This waits on the water surface of the pool and helps to improve your Kapador, if it has a star symbol above its head and you tap it.