DeNA revealed that Pokémon Masters, the franchise’s new mobile game, will have its official reveal this Thursday (27th), showing details of gameplay and more. So far, only the name of the game, some art and few details have been revealed.

The expectation is great, since the game can bring some approach very different from the mobile games of Pokémon and assimilate more to the main games of the franchise. DeNA is the company behind great Nintendo titles on mobile phones so far, like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and others.

Serebii Update: The next information for Pokémon Masters will be released on Thursday at 13:00 UTC

– (@SerebiiNet) June 25, 2019

Pokémon Masters will be a game in which players will be able to battle against famous Pokémon masters from the franchise, such as members of Elite 4 and more. As always, the game will be free to play on iOS and Android. The revelation will take place on June 27, Thursday, at 10 am Brasília time.

Pokémon Masters will arrive on Android and iOS, but has no release date revealed so far.