Very little is known about Professor Carvalho’s history. Pokémon trainer during his youth, soon started to dedicate himself to become one of the greatest researchers of the creatures, being one of the most important characters of the franchise as a mentor, advisor and, especially, the one who delivers the first Pokémon of the journey.

However, the saga has been gaining very surprising contours as the new concept presented in Sword / Shield. Pokémon Home, the first cloud service in the game franchise, allows you to share and transfer monsters between games, Ash’s first victory in the Pokémon League after 22 years … because it is confirmed that the researcher will go to battle.

(Source: DeNA / Reproduction)

The novelty is part of an update to Pokémon Masters, the brand’s mobile title. To have access to the teacher’s sync pair, it will only be necessary to complete the game tutorial by March 15, in a patch scheduled to be released today (14). In addition, another highlight is that Professor Carvalho will not be accompanied by any monster, but by the legendary Mew.

As it works with the other sync pairs in the game, Professor Carvalho will also have a unique story, in which he will interact individually with other coaches. According to developer DeNA, his narrative will tell how he and Mew met and decided to continue the adventure together.

The new game update will include new content for Agatha, as well as many in-game promotions and soundtracks. Pokémon Masters, released in August 2019, is available for Android and iOS.