This Wednesday morning (15), The Pokémon Company surprised many people by revealing that a project announced in 2017 – of which she hasn’t talked much since – is already ready. With versions for iOS and Android, Pokémon Rumble Rush (Pokémon Scramble SP in Japan) has not yet been released publicly, but has already started its testing phase in Australia.

The game follows the same models as other chapters in the Rumble series, challenging the player to use a creature to destroy everything that comes his way. The official description states that the title was created to be easy to play using only one hand and offers a wide variety of islands for you to find and add new monsters to the team.

Create and strengthen your team

Pokémon Rumble Rush also offers items to evolve your Pokémon or summon creatures to help you during battles. One of the highlights is the Super Boss Rush mode, which will only be won if the player assembles a team strong enough to defeat the challenging bosses created by the Pokémon Company.

The official description of the game also states that it features some advertisements and offers a series of optional microtransactions for those who want to speed up their progress or acquire more creatures. So far there is no information on when the game will come out of its testing period in order to be downloaded and played by all interested parties.

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