Pokémon Sun and Moon does away with many traditions – including the usual “starter town”. Instead, you start your journey in a nice little house that is located between the main artery of Mele-Mele, Hauholi City, the village of Lili’i and the house of Professor Kukui’s laboratory.

The first place you will go is this Lili’i villageto get from the local Pokémon professor of the Alola region, Kukui, your Starter Pokémon to get, with which you then tackle the island wandering. Island wandering is a central custom in Alola’s culture. This is an initiation rite that involves making an adventurous journey across the four islands of Alolas and using the experience gained to grow from a young person to a mature Pokémon trainer.

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The beginning of your adventure

Shortly after your arrival by plane from the cantor region, your journey begins with a video call from Professor Kukui, with whom he welcomes you to the region. The environment seems pleasant, but while you let it sink in, a young girl gets into trouble with a rare Pokémon …

Three months later. You are at home with your mother and are woken up by your pet Meowth. Your gaze falls on your traditional bedroom, which is now known. The globe shows how far Alola is from your old home. But you cannot concentrate on it for long, as Professor Kukui will be arriving soon. He says wistfully that he once tried more or less successfully in the Indigo League of your old region.

After digressing, he comes back to the real point: Now that you’re eleven years old and could use some help getting used to your new home, it’s the ideal time to start your own island wandering. As a result, shortly afterwards you are on your way towards the village of Lili’i to meet the Kahuna from Mele-Mele and receive your first Pokémon.

Dorfs Lili’i – Follow Kukui and meet the Kahuna

At this point there is nothing else to do but follow Kukui along the path of the fairly empty Route 1. By the way, you will return later to properly explore the area, so you can calmly follow Kukui and enjoy his great advice. Note the ledge on the left – after all, you can come back here from anywhere else.

After taking a quick look at a few Pokémon trainers doing their thing near the tall grass, Kukui leads you to the village of Lili’i – the home of the island king of Mele-Mele. It’s also where the islanders pay homage to their Kapu, the island’s patron saint Pokémon. For the island of Mele-Mele, this is the Pokémon Kapu-Riki.

However, you will find out that there is no one to be found. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for at the Mahalo Mountain Trail, which is up near the ruins of Kapu-Riki. Run up there to look for the island king. As soon as you leave, you see a girl who is hiding something in his pocket. It is like the girl in the video sequence at the beginning who was in trouble.

Ruins of war, Kahuna Hala and your starter Pokémon

On the way to the ruins you meet the girl again. This time she tries to cross a rickety bridge in front of you and to help her Pokémon, which is attacked by a swarm of Habitaks. As soon as you rush over to help, the Pokémon unleashes a burst of energy that kicks you into the water below.

object Location annotation
Rhinestone You get it after helping Lily and her Pokémon on the bridge.
Pokédex You can get it from Kukui after you have chosen your starter Pokémon.

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Fortunately, the patron saint Kapu-Riki has noticed your misery and saves you and the mysterious Pokémon from this predicament. After you’re back on solid ground, the mysterious Pokémon discovers something on the ground. The girl therefore ignores your question about her name, picks up the find and hands you the rhinestone.

Back in there it turns out that the girl is not Kahuna, but Professor Kukui’s assistant, who goes by the name Lilly. Finally, the real island king also shows up, namely Hala. He notices that Kapu-Riki seems to be very fond of you, and then lets you choose your starter Pokémon.

The decision is not easy, because the various advantages and disadvantages of the three candidates can have a major impact on your style of play, your team balance and ultimately on your progress in the game. If you are not sure, want to check the values ​​again or are looking for the right pocket monster for your play style, you will find everything else on the Pokémon Sun and Moon – the best starter Pokémon page.

Trainer Pokémon step
Tali Flamiau (if you choose Robball as a starter)
Bauz (if you choose Flamiau as a starter)
Robball (if you choose Bauz as a starter)

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s actually time to return to your mother and introduce your new companion. But you don’t get that far, because suddenly another trainer shows up. He goes by the name Tali and also wants to face the island wandering. You can then decide whether you want to compete against him or not. However, there is no reason why you should decline his challenge – so you can test your new Pokémon right away.

After you defeat Tali – which is pretty easy since you have an extremely effective attack – your rhinestone starts to glow. It also catches the eye of the island king, Hala, whereupon he asks you to lend him the stone for the day. So come back to the festival tomorrow and he’ll give it back to you. With that done, you can go home before you set out to explore Route 1 the next day.

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