Pokémon Sword / Shield: Farfetch’d’s new evolution was the mysterious creature

A few days ago, a mysterious Pokémon hidden by glitch effects appeared on the official website of Pokémon Sword & Shield, the new titles that will start the eighth generation of the popular pocket monster franchise.

As guessed by many fans, supported by information leaked by an anonymous user on 4chan, the new creature is a new form of Farfetch’d, the first generation wild duck that for 27 years has remained unheard of.

The little monster evolves into Sirfetch’d, of the Fighter type, acquiring a white plumage and transforming its iconic leek into a spear and shield. Additionally, he adopts a more noble attitude, always looking for fair battles. His new weapons allow him to use a special attack called Meteor Assault, where he advances quickly to strike his opponent.

On the other hand, when the duck loses its equipment, it will abandon the fight.

Sirfetch’d will be exclusive to the Sword version that will be released alongside Shield on November 15th for Nintendo Switch.

Check out Sirfetch’d’s announcement video below:

Pokémon Sword & Shield will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.