PS5 and Xbox Series X postponed due to Coronavirus? GameStop has no information on this

GameStop he reassured investors that the pandemic is underway Coronavirus (COVID-19) does not yet appear to threaten the launch of PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series X scheduled for the end of the year.

In a conference call with investors, the CEO of GameStop George Sherman stated that there is still no indication that the pandemic could impact the launches of the two consoles scheduled for the fourth quarter.

Sherman added that as of now, the impact on product distributions of all kinds has been “minimal”.

These comments were made in the context of a discussion on the impact of the pandemic on GameStop’s overall business, which has led to nationwide closures of stores in Italy, France and Canada and limited operations to curb online order picking in numerous others countries.

The retailer warned there is a lot of uncertainty now and has decided not to provide any guidance on future results for shareholders. However, Sherman said he expects a challenging environment for the first three quarters of 2020. An improvement is expected in the fourth quarter with the launch of the new systems.

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