PS5 and Xbox Series X: Sony’s next-gen GPU supported by better hardware solutions according to technical analysis

PlayStation 5 will feature a weaker GPU than Xbox Series X, but the developers continue to praise the console’s Sony. The only numbers reported by Sony e Microsoft They definitely don’t paint the whole picture of the new consoles, and a recent in-depth analysis suggests that the PS5 GPU will have a better system supporting it, resulting in better overall performance.

On his blog, James Prendergast provided a very interesting analysis of the next generation consoles, based on what has been revealed so far. In his last post, he took a look at how RAM, I / O and SSD speed and functions will make a difference, considering the CPU difference between the two consoles is minimal.

“We have heard for months that there is not much difference between the two devices from Microsoft and Sony, with ‘sources’ claiming that each console has an advantage in specific scenarios. Microsoft has better performing graphics capabilities with 1.4 times the composition. Physics of the Playstation 5 GPU. This is only part of the story, with the PS5 working at least 1.2x faster than Series X in most workload scenarios. This narrows the Series X advantage (in terms of computing power of the GPU) to about 1.18x-1.2x compared to PS5 “.

“What about the CPU? By doing the same, simple ratio calculation, you can see that Series X will be 1.02x – 1.10x more powerful than PS5, depending on the scenario. Not a big difference, really … and CPU / GPU they should have pretty much the same functionality on both consoles. “

Taking a look at the RAM configuration of both consoles, the analysis highlights that the Xbox Series X configuration is not optimal, since the asymmetrical configuration used for the console can lead to less bandwidth than the symmetrical configuration of PS5. According to the analysis, although for now we do not know how much memory will be reserved for system management, Sony’s console could have better data flow efficiency which, together with the hardware solutions chosen for I / O access and all ‘SSD, would give PS5 an edge in most scenarios with better GPU support.

Putting it all together, including how the PlayStation 5’s audio hardware will require less CPU power than the Xbox Series X, the analysis concludes that Sony’s console will be able to compensate for the drawback in purely numerical terms.

A video recently released by Coreteks, which claims to have in-depth knowledge of both consoles, comes to the same conclusions.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will arrive later this year.

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Source: Wccftech.