‘PS5 and Xbox Series X specs won’t have the same impact as cloud streaming’

Sony is Microsoft have yet to accurately disclose the specifics of PS5 is Xbox Series X, even if we already know some things and many in the sector are enthusiastic. Both machines will feature an SSD and several custom variants of AMD’s Zen 2 processor, while the Xbox Series X also boasts GDDR6 memory.

But according to the industry veteran Alex Hutchinson – creative director of Journey to the Savage Planet – these technologies will not have as much impact on game design as some might think. According to Hutchinson, the real potential lies in cloud computing and what it will enable developers to accomplish.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Hutchinson said that the development impact of SSDs in the next generation will be “next to zero” and that even Xbox Series X’s GDDR6 memory will not have much of an impact “from a design perspective.” Hutchinson believes that the hardware itself won’t be as important as the cloud that could support it, so according to the developer, the real next-gen would be in the cloud.

When asked specifically about the Zen 2 processors on both consoles and how they will help development, Hutchinson said: “There will be more power, but I think the cloud and the ability to have simulations and large-scale persistence will be the big news of this. generation”.

There is no doubt that cloud streaming has, in theory, a lot of potential to really impact game design, which is why companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are investing heavily in this field. The question, however, is when this cloud technology will become viable on a massive scale.

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Source: Gamingbolt.