Sony has already revealed the technical specifications of his PS5, but until the full reveal of the console takes place, many questions will remain unanswered regarding the potential of the system.

Now, a new rumor tells us about the use of the RAM memory of PS5 which will be a little different from what is seen on the current PS4.

According to the well-known insider Tidux, PS5 could use less RAM memory than PS4 for operating system management and this would be due “to the two coprocessors dedicated to I / O and to the type of RAM”.

We know that PS5 will be equipped with 16 GB of unified RAM, while PS4 would dedicate 2.5 GB of RAM to the management of the OS. Now, if the rumor turns out to be true, the new console would use less than the 2.5 GB of the current flagship, so the rest of the RAM memory would be “freed up” to be used for the benefit of games.

PS5 OS reservation is actually smaller than PS4. This is due to 2 IO coprocessors and on chip ram.

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This is a detail that could have its importance from a performance point of view, but since Sony has not yet fully revealed the PS5, the news must be taken with due caution and classified as a rumor. All that remains is to wait for news from Sony which, apparently, could arrive in May.

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