Apart from the fact that in 2020, we will have new generations of PlayStation and Xbox based on AMD technologies and equipped with new SSDs, little is known about the new generation of consoles. However, it seems that, at least from the hardware point of view, Sony can offer a more powerful solution than its direct competitor.

Who says that is Colin Moriarty, a former editor of the North American IGN, who said he had talked with some developers about the subject. According to him, the general impressions of those who have already messed with the development kits of the new platforms are that the PS5 will be more powerful than the mysterious Xbox Scarlett – which, in practice, may be two devices.

It is worth noting that the specifications of development kits are usually different from those that arrive at stores, but they are good indicative of the strength of a hardware. WFFCTech reinforces Moriarty’s reports and says that this is not the first time that reports have been heard that Sony’s console would be the most powerful. It remains to be seen how the power of each platform will be used and the official presentation of each company to find out what each has to offer in terms of hardware.