PS5 only: Ratchet and Clank are back in Rift Apart!

Ring in a new super console with an action adventure from the old days? But yes please! Especially when not only Ratchet and Clank, but also Mr. Zurkon! If you don’t know who Mr. Zurkon is, read this quickly because Mr. Zurkon only wants the best for you!

The new feature also gets an appearance and it is what you need the computing power of the PS5 for: You switch seamlessly between complete dimensions, i.e. game worlds, as you wish. The result: Wow !!! it looks cool when it rains dinosaurs! You can move through dimensions, teleport and of course shoot around with an absurd arsenal. The new triggers are to be used to trigger extra functions for the weapons without you having to fumble around in menus. It’s supposed to be a relative sequel to Into the Nexus, but so stand-alone that anyone can play it. Ratchet and Clank look adorable, both technically and in terms of design, and with that I now have my reason to have a PS5. Mr. Zurkon wouldn’t be happy if I don’t have one, and it’s just not good if Mr. Zurkon isn’t happy.

Seriously, that was exactly what I needed after this opening night: noise, colors and lots of fun that I can already feel while watching. Great!