PS5: Sony denies reports of reduced production volumes

  • Sony is reportedly having chip problems with the production of the PS5
  • As a result, the company could produce fewer consoles by April 2021
  • The company has denied the reports

Update from September 16, 2020: Sony has contradicted Bloomberg’s report with regard to the reduced production volume of the PS5 and the associated reduced forecast up to April 2021.

“Although we do not publish details about the production, the information published by Bloomberg is incorrect,” it said in a statement to GamesIndustry.

“We haven’t changed the output of the PlayStation 5 since we started mass production.”

Original message from September 16, 2020: Sony apparently has a few issues with the production of the PlayStation 5.

The company has lowered its forecast for PS5 consoles produced by April 2021 by four million units to eleven million.

As Bloomberg reports, citing familiar sources, this is due to problems in the SoC (system-on-chip) production for the console.

Although the company increased the production volume in July, the production yield is sometimes 50 percent, which is why not as many consoles can be produced as Sony would like.

The production yield has improved step by step, but is not yet at a stable level, it is said. Sony did not want to comment on this to Bloomberg.

Sony are using air freight to ensure that PS5 can meet demand / supply enough units

The company has booked 60 flights from October (Delta 747) to ship consoles to retailers. This supply is expected to last through the quarter

Air freight is faster than sea, but more expensive.

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Another PlayStation 5 Showcase will take place tomorrow, September 16, at 10 p.m. German time. So far, Sony has only said that the 40-minute show is about games, but it is expected that the company will announce the price and release date of the PlayStation 5 at the same time.

Last week Microsoft announced the dates and prices of its next-gen consoles, thus increasing the pressure on Sony. Xbox Series S (299 euros) and Xbox Series X (499 euros) will both be released on November 10, 2020, pre-orders will be possible from September 22, 2020.

Sony is releasing the PS5 once as a standard model with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive and once as a digital edition without a drive.

According to Niko Partners’ analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony relies on the faster but more expensive air transport for the transport of the PS5 to the USA in order to meet the demand. The company booked 60 flights from October to bring the consoles to the United States.