PS5: Sony says the console’s release shouldn’t be affected by the Coronavirus

Despite the Coronavirus is affecting not only people’s lives, but also the global economy and of course the gaming industry, Sony still plans to launch PlayStation 5 at the end of this year.

Speaking to Bloomberg, a Sony spokesperson said there won’t be a “major impact on the launch” of the PlayStation 5 by the end of the year. However, the company’s profits are likely to be around $ 370 million lower than the February financial forecast. It is possible that PS4 games could be affected by the pandemic, as Sony’s Chinese production centers were closed for weeks as the outbreak was handled. At this point, there are no postponements announced, with The Last of Us Part 2 coming in May and Ghost of Tsushima coming out in June.

“While no problems have emerged so far, Sony is closely monitoring the risk of delays in production schedules for game software titles in both its proprietary and partner studios, mainly in Europe and the United States,” Sony said in a statement. a note. “In accordance with national and local government mandates, Sony has closed a portion of its offices, mainly in Europe and the United States, where employees now work from home,” the company continues.

Digital versions shouldn’t be affected, but PlayStation Network’s download speed has been reduced in both Europe and the US to ensure internet reliability.

Source: GameSpot