PS5 trophies can give “gifts”

PS5 trophies can become even more interesting. At least, this is what indicates the finding of Tidux, a well-known Twitter user. According to him, some PS5 trophies will “present” console owners with items ranging from avatars for the profile to banners. For now, we only know the rewards of two trophies from Destruction All Stars. Check it out below:

Apparently, PS5 trophies will provide rewards like avatars and banners for the profile. Profile customization seems to be something very important for PlayStation! The images below are from Destruction All Stars!

: @Tidux

– Ruancarlo Silva? (@ruancarlo_silva) October 18, 2020

As we can see above, the Rookie trophy will give you a profile banner, while Wreckognised grants an avatar. As the title is an online project, it remains to be seen whether the rewards are for the general user profile on the PlayStation or whether they will be awarded only to the user’s profile in the game. Certainly the news made fans extremely excited, after all, many complain for years that there is not much incentive for those who hunt for trophies. Now, it seems that PlayStation has woken up to the activity, giving more importance to it.

PS5 trophies will be easier to obtain thanks to Game Help, an innovative feature that promises to revolutionize the new generation of consoles. Game Help is a card structure that allows an absurd range of functions. Players will be able to jump to specific “stages” with an objective. In addition, some cards will feature text and video hints showing where to find that tricky collectible.

In short, everything indicates that we will have a strong focus on personalization and systems in order to increase the retention time of players on the platform. It remains to be seen how the system will work, but this, only on November 19, the launch date of the console in Brazil!

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