Sony has already unveiled the specifications of PS5 and gave us a first look at DualSense, but there are still a lot of question marks about the console.

One of the questions fans ask themselves most often is: what will PS5 look like? After the reveal of the controller we have seen many interpretations of the console inspired by DualSense and, now, comes a new video entitled … “PlayStation 5 – Official Trailer” and published by a channel called “Sony Interactive Entertainment”, which however only has 2140 subscribers.

Obviously this is not the official trailer of Sony’s next-gen, but a new concept that tries to imagine the “look” of the next PlayStation.

In the video, visible below, we can see a PS5 with rounded shapes and with a color inspired by DualSense. The back also shows how the (numerous) console ports were imagined.

What do you think? Does the appearance of this PS5 seem “realistic” to you?

Source: YouTube.

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