After Sony released the first information about the PS5 to the world, the parties involved feel more and more comfortable talking about the console, which again will use AMD architecture in its hardware composition. The manufacturer’s CEO, Lisa Su, said, in an interview with CNBC last Wednesday (1st), that this partnership will enable Sony to “special season” on the PS5.

“We are honored and proud to be part of the next generation PlayStation. This has been a great long-term partnership with them. We love games. We believe it is a very good secular growth market,” said the executive.

“What we did with Sony was really architecting something for her application, for her special spice. It is a great honor for us. We are very excited about what the next generation PlayStation is going to do. , he pointed out.

Dev kits for the PS5 may already be in the hands of the studios, according to the Kotaku editor. In addition, it is speculated that the console may have about 13 teraflops, although the exact technical specifications have not yet been released – either price or date.

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