PS5, Xbox Series X and the huge impact of SSDs: ‘they will allow features that were discarded’

Technology SSD has suddenly become a recurring topic ever since Microsoft is Sony confirmed that the SSDs featured in PS5 is Xbox Series X they will offer a completely different experience in the next games.

We have since heard various enthusiastic comments from experienced developers such as Crytek or Epic. In a Wccftech interview with Firesprite Games, the studio behind The Persistence, the game director Stuart Tilley he said there is one reason in particular why these SSDs will offer better games: quite often, the features have to be discarded because their inclusion would lead to much longer load times.

“I think gamers will be the real winners. The impact of SSDs will be huge and will allow you to create bigger worlds that load faster and move around faster. I think all platforms have a lot to offer. And I think it will be a big win for players from what I have seen. It is just exciting for us to be able to increase our ambitions, sometimes you may have to discard a feature because it may take too long to load, for example. In the future, this problem may no longer exist. This will allow us to make better games. “

In addition to the SSD technology, Stuart Tilley said he is thrilled with the controller as well DualSense of PlayStation 5 as the controls have a huge importance in immersion in games.

“We always strive to immerse the player in our world. Immersion comes through how you touch the game and what you see of the game. Obviously the chipset improvements will help the graphics and audio, but control is a part. huge experience. It’s just great, as game creators we look forward to the nex-gen, so it’s kind of like Christmas for developers. “

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Source: Wccftech.