PSone games run better on the Mini-SNES than on the PlayStation Classic

Sony’s PlayStation Classic continues to cause discussions about the meaning of the console and the quality of its emulation.

Digital Foundry was not impressed by the latter and the YouTube channel 8 Bit Flashback is now giving Sony an additional virtual low blow.

A new video shows a hacked version of the SNES Classic Mini, and PSone games like Ridge Racer Type 4 run better than the PlayStation Classic.

In theory, the PlayStation Classic is the more powerful system, but in practice it lacks the quality of the emulation.

The PCSX ReARMed emulator with Retroarch runs on the mini-SNES used here. It is the same one that is used in the PS Classic – but there without Retroarch. On the mini-SNES, for example, the controls of Ridge Racer work better, according to the video. Tekken 3 also runs on the mini-SNES, although there are a few sound issues here.

The result of this attempt, which can be seen quite obviously with Ridge Racer, can be seen in the video below.

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