Psychonauts 2 is finally getting a trailer – and will be released in 2019

You took your time at Double Fine. Maybe they were just waiting for the right moment, which came in the form of the Game Awards. In any case, there is now finally a first gameplay trailer.

Looks like psychonauts as Raz explores the motherlobe. But better take a look yourself:

The trailer also confirms that the title will be released next year, actually it was planned for 2018. A project that Double Fine canceled early this year.

The next problem: Psychonauts 2 is published by Starbreeze and they are known to have their own problems, including allegations of insider trading and the flop of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, on which the publisher probably had a lot.

Let’s hope for the best, because there’s only one thing worse than a world without psychonauts. A world without two psychonauts!