Psyonix will end Rocket League support for Mac and Linux in March

Psyonix has announced the end of support for the Mac and Linux versions of Rocket League.

The reason is that the studio is working on moving the game from 32 to 64 bits and from DirectX 9 to 11. The ports to Mac and Linux depend on DirectX 9 for their OpenGL implementation, and for it to continue working they would have to port the game to Metal (Mac) and Vulkan / OpenGL4 (Linux).

However, players on these two platforms account for “less than 0.3% of the active user base,” so they feel they cannot “justify the additional investment” in Mac and Linux.

For this reason, they offer all users of these two platforms a refund of the purchase of the game through Steam even if they do not meet the usual conditions. In the link in the first paragraph are the instructions.

The final patch for Rocket League on Mac and Linux will be released in early March, removing online modes from the game. Offline games will continue to work.