Bots were recently added in PUBG, but the reaction of the players has been anything but positive.

Fans knew that PUBG Corp would have added bots to the game, but after their introduction came very heavy criticism. A particularly long post on Reddit has appeared, claiming that the game is “officially dead and completely ruined”.

“This game is officially dead and completely ruined. I have met over 70 bots in the lobbies I have played in. Zero tension and very boring. I really enjoyed this game … but this … This is not PUBG, this is a shame “says one user.

“Bots look really dumb, they move in a straight line or stand still, they’re not fun to kill, they’re not fun to fight, and you don’t care at all to get them involved,” the post reads. “This is the biggest f *** a company has ever made to a game since launch.”

Other users, on the other hand, believe that the introduction of bots occurred to make the game more accessible to casual gamers.

In related news, we learned that PUBG is now available on Stadia.

And what do you think of bots in PUBG?

Source: VG247.

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