PUBG: The Miramar map will be on Xbox One before the end of the month

Soon you can let off steam in the desert in PUBG on Xbox One.

According to the developers, the Miramar map will be on Microsoft’s console “before the end of April”. It’s the second map in the game, and it’s been available for PC since September.

“After extensive efforts, we have succeeded in getting Miramar ready for the Xbox,” write the developers. It can be expected on the test servers this month, and the map is expected to appear on the live servers in May.

At the same time, new weapons, vehicles and a variety of “important” gameplay optimizations are coming your way. According to the developers, the asset streaming has been significantly improved, which minimizes the “play-doh” effect on textures.

In addition, the character movements have been revised, which also results in better performance and stability when several players are in one area. The performance after the middle phase of the game will benefit from it, it is said.

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You have also worked on the menus and the game should not crash as often.