PVP arena’s Diablo III postponed until after launch

If you are already looking forward to taking your friends down in the bloody multiplayer arenas of Diablo iii then there is bad news. Blizzard announced this in its blog today Diablo iii will be launched without the PVP arena and that the PVP content will not be added to the game until later in a special patch.

“We’ve made a tough decision,” said lead designer Jay Wilson. “After many discussions, we finally agreed that it would not be fair to postpone the game because the PVP content is not ready yet. Many players want to start with the solo and co-op campaigns and they are already almost finished.”.

The PVP patch will add multiple multiplayer areas, each with their own style and layout. There will also be special achievements to be earned per area. Although the game is still cautiously scheduled for a second quarter release, there are some retail outlets that are launching Diablo iii in their diary in April.

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